Absolutely, we're genuine and eager to purchase your device! However, we encourage you to verify our credibility by checking out our extensive collection of 5-star reviews, on Trust Pilot and Google spanning all the way back to 2019. If there were any doubts about our trustworthiness, someone would have raised concerns by now.

Our process is intentionally designed to be hassle-free and straightforward. Here's how it works:

  1. Start by selecting your device or devices on our website and complete the subsequent steps to obtain a quote.
  2. Once you accept our offer, you'll promptly receive an automated email containing a prepaid Royal Mail shipping label and detailed instructions on how to properly prepare your device for shipment.
  3. After preparing your device, simply mail it to us and await the conclusion of your transaction.

It's that simple! We'll keep you informed via email and text message: You'll receive a confirmation when we receive your device, and we'll notify you once payment has been processed.

If there is an issue with your transaction we'll offer you a revised quote which you can either accept or reject. If you reject our offer, we'll mail your device back to you for free.

Shipment Transit Time:

  1. Free Label: Typically takes 1-3 working days for delivery.
  2. Royal Mail Special Delivery: Guarantees delivery by the next working day.

Order Processing and Payment:

  1. Devices received from Monday to Friday before 2 pm are processed and paid on the same day.
  2. Devices received during the weekend, on a bank holiday, or after 2 pm are processed on the following working day.

Upon receiving your order, our process involves several steps to ensure a fair assessment:

  • Visual Inspection: Initially, your parcel will undergo a brief visual inspection during unboxing.
  • Quality Assessment: After the visual inspection, your device will be handed over to our skilled quality assessment technicians. They will thoroughly examine the item for physical damage and extensively test its general functionality, taking into account the condition you selected during the initial submission.
  • Payment Determination:

    1. If your device matches the condition you described, we will process the payment at the original price agreed upon.
    2. However, if our quality assessment technicians find the device to be in a different condition than what you initially stated, we will provide you with a revised price.
  • Revised Offer: We will promptly contact you via email with the revised offer. You will have a 14-day window to review and decide whether to accept or decline this offer.
  • Non-Response: If you do not respond within the 14-day period, the item will be paid for at the reduced price offered.
  • Declining the Offer: If you choose to decline the revised offer, don't worry. We will arrange the return of your device to you at no cost.

Absolutely, we understand the importance of keeping you informed throughout the process. Here's how we'll stay in touch:

  1. Email Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation once we receive your shipment and another when we process the payment. Additionally, if any issues arise during the transaction, we'll reach out to you via email to address them. Please keep an eye on your inbox for these updates.
  2. Text Message Confirmation: In addition to email notifications, we also provide text message confirmations to ensure you're promptly informed about the progress of your transaction.

Our goal is to maintain open communication with you to make the process as transparent and convenient as possible.

By using the "Track Order" feature on our website, you can conveniently monitor the progress of your transaction and stay informed about its current status.

  1. Minimum: 1 item
  2. Maximum: 5 items

If you wish to send us more than 5 devices, we kindly request that you create a new order for the additional items. This helps ensure efficient processing and evaluation of your devices.

If you have included additional items with your order, please be aware that we will not be able to process or provide payment for these extra items. They will be recycled without compensation.

To avoid any inconvenience or disappointment, it's important to ensure that you include only the items you intend to sell.

If you have created an order but have not yet sent your items to us, please note the following:

  1. Orders that haven't been shipped to us will automatically expire after 14 days from the day you created the order. In this case, you don't need to take any further action, and the order will be cancelled.

However, once you have sent your items to us, we will not be able to cancel the order, and the items will be processed upon arrival in our warehouse.

If you intend to sell any Apple Devices, it's important to remove your iCloud account before sending it to us.

Removing your iCloud account is a simple process that can be completed either directly from your device or by logging into the iCloud.com website.

Here are some instructions on how to remove your iCloud account directly from the device you plan to sell:

If you intend to sell a Samsung device, it's important to remove your Samsung account before sending it to us.

Removing your Samsung account is a simple process and can be completed either directly from your device or by accessing Samsung's website.

Here are some instructions on how to remove your Samsung account directly from the device you plan to sell:

Yes, we take data security seriously. When we receive your device, we ensure that all data is wiped from it to protect your privacy and security.

Additionally, we adhere to all relevant data regulations and guidelines, implementing comprehensive measures to guarantee the complete security of your data throughout the process. Your peace of mind is our priority when selling to us.

You can easily find out the exact model of your device by referring to our "What Model Is My Device?" page.

This page should provide guidance and instructions on how to identify the specific model of your device, which can be useful when submitting your order or seeking information about your device.

If you discover that you have provided incorrect information about the model or condition of your device, here's what you should do:

  • Contact Customer Support: Please reach out to our customer support team as soon as you realise the mistake. They will be more than willing to assist you in correcting your order.
  • Amendments Upon Receipt: In the event that your device has already been received by us, and we identify that you've entered the wrong model, condition, or quantities, we will make the necessary amendments to your order.
  • Revised Offer: We will email you with a revised offer that reflects the corrected information. You will have 14 days from the date of the revised offer to decide whether to accept it or opt for the return of the revised devices. This return service is provided to you free of charge.

We understand that mistakes can happen, and our aim is to ensure a fair and transparent process for our customers. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team if you need assistance with any changes or corrections to your order.

We strive to maintain an updated list of devices we are currently accepting on our website. If you cannot find your device listed, it means that we are not currently purchasing that specific item.

If you send in an item that is not listed on our website and is therefore not currently accepted, it would typically result in an automatic failure in our quality assessment guidelines. In such cases, we will responsibly recycle the item and unfortunately will not be able to return it to you.

To avoid any inconvenience, please ensure that the device you intend to sell is listed on our website before submitting it for evaluation and sale.

For detailed information about the specific conditions of tech devices that we purchase, including explanations of each condition category, please refer to our "Condition Explained" page.

This resource will provide you with comprehensive details on the condition criteria we use when evaluating tech devices for purchase.

To determine the value of your device, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the search or navigation tools to find your specific device model.
  2. Select your device's network (if applicable) and its condition.
  3. Our website will provide you with an instant price quote based on the information you provide.

Please ensure that you carefully select the correct condition for your device, as this will directly impact the price you are offered. If the condition of your device is not accurately reflected in your initial selection, you may receive a revised offer based on our technicians' quality assessment when the device is received.

Absolutely, we specialise in purchasing devices with cracked screens and are proud to offer some of the highest prices in the market for such devices. To get started:

  1. During the checkout process, make sure to select the appropriate condition that accurately represents your device's cracked screen.
  2. You can trust that we will honor the amount quoted for your device in the specified condition or we'll send your item back free of charge.

we aim to provide a seamless experience when selling your device with us.

We keep things straightforward and easy for you. Regardless of your device's color, we pay the same price when you sell it to us. You won't need to worry about any variations in price based on the color of your device.

We aim to provide a hassle-free experience for you. Therefore, the memory storage capacity of your device does not affect the price we offer. You will receive the same price regardless of the device's memory storage size, ensuring a straightforward and convenient process when selling your device to us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to buy devices that have been reported as blocked or blacklisted.

We do not purchase blocked devices. Blocked devices are typically reported as lost or stolen, we suggest that you address the issue with your service provider to have the device unblocked if you are the rightful owner.

We do not accept stolen phones under any circumstances. We take strict measures to ensure that the devices we receive are not associated with any illegal activities.

We use CheckMEND, a crime protection database, to check the history of every phone we receive. If a device is identified as lost or stolen, we will not process the payment, and the handset will be responsibly recycled.

Customers do have a window of 28 days, starting from the date the device is tested, to resolve any lost or stolen flags before the recycling process begins. However, our commitment to ethical business practices means that we will not engage with or accept devices that have been reported as stolen.

You are not required to include your device's box or accessories when selling to us. While we appreciate any accessories or boxes you may choose to include, please note that we will not offer any additional value for these items. You can sell your device to us without the need to include any extras.

You are not required to remove your SIM card before sending your device to us, but we do recommend that you do so. When we receive your device, we have a standard practice of removing and disposing of any SIM cards that may be left inside.

However, it's important to note that we accept no liability in the event that a phone is sent to us with its SIM card included. To avoid any potential issues or concerns, it's a good practice to remove your SIM card before sending your device to us.

The shipping process is designed to be efficient and prompt. Here are the key details:

  1. Shipping Label and Instructions: After placing your order, you will receive a prepaid shipping label and packaging instructions via email immediately. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your "junk/spam" folder or "all mail" folder.
  2. Shipment Transit Time:
    • Free Label: Typically, it takes 1-3 working days for delivery.
    • Royal Mail Special Delivery: This option guarantees delivery by the next working day.
  3. Order Processing and Payment:
    • Devices received from Monday to Friday before 2 pm are processed and paid on the same day.
    • Devices received during the weekend, on a bank holiday, or after 2 pm are processed on the following working day.

This timeline ensures a quick and convenient experience for selling your device. If you follow the provided instructions and use the shipping label, you can expect a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

When using our prepaid courier service, your order is insured up to £150.00. However, if your device is worth more than that, we suggest choosing a shipping method like Royal Mail Special Delivery or an alternative that offers insurance coverage matching the full value of your device.

If it's been over 7 working days, and you're concerned that your order hasn't arrived with us yet, please contact our Customer Service Team and we'll investigate this for you.

Please note that if you opt to send your order using a different courier method at your own expense, you would need to directly contact with the chosen courier if any concerns arise during the delivery process or regarding insurance coverage.

Packaging your phone or device securely is important to ensure safe transit. Here are some guidelines for packaging your device:

  1. Original Packaging (Preferred): If you have the original packaging for your device, it is the best option. The original packaging is designed specifically for your device and provides excellent protection.
  2. Sturdy Cardboard Box: If you don't have the original packaging, use a sturdy cardboard box. Make sure the box is appropriate in size to securely fit your device and any additional items you're sending.
  3. Bubble Wrap: To protect your device from potential damage during transit, wrap it in bubble wrap. This extra layer of padding can help safeguard your device from shocks and impacts.
  4. Turn Off Device: Before packaging your device, make sure it is switched off.
  5. Remove SIM and Memory Cards: Take out any SIM cards or memory cards from your device before sending it. Unfortunately, we cannot return these items to you.

After placing your order, you will receive a prepaid shipping label and detailed packaging instructions via email. Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your device is packaged securely and ready for shipment. If you have any questions or concerns about packaging, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

To track the arrival of your phone, please follow these steps:

  1. Royal Mail Tracking: Use the Royal Mail website or their tracking service to check the delivery status of your shipment. Enter the tracking details provided to you.
  2. Confirmation Email: Normally, we will email you confirmation on the day we receive your shipment.
  3. Order Processing and Payment:
    • If your device arrives from Monday to Friday before 2 pm, it is typically processed and paid on the same day.
    • Devices received during the weekend, on a bank holiday, or after 2 pm are usually processed on the following working day.

If your Royal Mail tracking shows that the package has been delivered, but you haven't received a confirmation email from us after more than 24 hours, or if you have already posted your device, and the Royal Mail tracking status does not show it as delivered for more than 7 days, we recommend contacting our customer service team for assistance. They can help investigate and provide you with an update on the status of your order.

If you've sent your device(s) and your order appears to be expiring, there is typically no need to worry. As long as you post your device within the specified timeframe outlined in our terms and conditions, we will not penalize you for any potential delays in transit.

We understand that shipping times and order processing may vary, Your order will be processed based on when it was shipped, and you should receive the appropriate communication and payment once your shipment is received and assessed.

Each label and QR code provided to you is intended for a one-time use on one parcel only. If your order requires multiple packages, please create a new order for each additional parcel.

It's important to generate a separate label for each parcel you send because each box should have its individual tracking reference for insurance purposes. This ensures that each package is properly tracked, and the insurance coverage is accurately applied to each shipment.

It's important to note that you cannot pack multiple orders into one box. To avoid any confusion or delays in our processing facility, please keep each order separate.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Tracking and Insurance: If there are any issues with your parcel reaching us, we'll need the tracking information for each individual order to file claims with the courier. When multiple orders are packed together, not all of your items may be insured in transit, and we cannot guarantee that all of them will be processed and paid for.
  2. Order Accuracy: Keeping orders separate helps ensure that each order is accurately processed and paid for according to the details provided for that specific order.

To maintain clarity and ensure the smooth processing of your orders, it's best to pack each order into its own separate box or parcel. This way, you can be confident that each order is handled correctly and insured during transit.

If you suspect that your order has been lost in transit, here's what you should do:

  1. Delivery Timeframes: Sometimes, orders may take longer than the expected delivery time frames to physically reach us, especially during busy periods. As soon as we start processing your order, we will notify you by email. Please keep an eye on your emails for updates regarding your order's status.
  2. Insurance Coverage: If you chose one of our prepaid courier methods, such as Royal Mail contained within your order confirmation email, your order is insured up to the value of £150 while it's on its way to us.
  3. Royal Mail Special Delivery: If you opted to send your order using Royal Mail Special Delivery at your own cost, you will be responsible for filing a claim with Royal Mail directly.
  4. Waiting Period: We ask that you wait a total of 7 working days for the order to arrive with us before becoming eligible to file a claim against the courier you used. This waiting period allows us to account for potential delays that the courier may experience during delivery.
  5. Claim Process: If, after the 7-day waiting period, you haven't received an update confirming that your order has been delivered to us, we will be able to register a claim.
  6. Contact Us: If you sent your order with Royal Mail and need to make a claim, please contact us within 28 days of sending your order. Provide us with the tracking number(s) related to the lost parcel(s), as well as any IMEI numbers and proof of purchase for tech items. This information is essential for forwarding the claim to Royal Mail for investigation.
  7. Claim Processing: Once we receive all the required information for the claim, our Claims Department will process it. After a successful investigation, we will update you via email and issue your payment. If additional information is needed, we will reach out to you.

Please note that if you contact us after the claim time frames outlined above, we may be unable to make a claim with the courier, which could result in the inability to complete your order. Therefore, it's essential to initiate the claim process within the specified time frames to ensure a timely resolution.

We provide two payment methods for your convenience:

  1. Bank Transfer: This method allows for immediate transfer of funds directly to your bank account. There are no additional fees associated with this payment option.
  2. PayPal: With PayPal, you can receive your payment immediately into your PayPal account. Like the bank transfer option, there are no additional fees.

You can choose the payment method that best suits your preferences and needs when completing your transaction with us.

After confirming your order, it is not possible to change your payment method. Therefore, it's essential to double-check and ensure that all your payment details are accurate and correct before finalizing and confirming your order.

If you have not yet posted your item to us and you realize that your payment details are incorrect, you can simply ignore the current order and create a new order with the correct payment details.

Please be aware that if the payment details provided are incorrect, and a payment is successfully processed, we will not be held responsible. To avoid any issues, carefully review your payment information before confirming your order to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Once we receive and check your phones, we promise to pay you on the same day.

You'll get an email confirmation when the payment is sent.

This usually happens on weekdays, except for public holidays, and it doesn't apply to orders received after 2 pm or during unexpected events.

If we can't honor your original quote because your device doesn't match the condition you selected, here's what happens:

  1. Quality Checks: We'll assess your device upon arrival to make sure it matches the condition you indicated in your order.
  2. Revised Offer: If it doesn't match, we'll email you a new offer with clear reasons for the price change. You have 14 days to decide.
  3. Acceptance: If you accept the new offer before 2 pm, we'll finalize your payment, and it will clear in your account the same day. If you accept after 2 pm, the payment clears the following day.
  4. Decline: If you decline the new offer, we'll return your device for free. Expect delivery in 2-3 working days. We'll email you the tracking number once it's dispatched.

We aim to provide a fair and transparent process, ensuring you have the option to accept or decline the revised offer based on the device's actual condition.

If you've declined our revised offer, here's what happens next:

  1. Free Return: We'll return your device to you at no cost to you.
  2. Dispatch: After you've declined the offer, we'll aim to dispatch your device the next working day.
  3. Delivery: Expect delivery to take 2-3 working days from the dispatch date.
  4. Tracking Information: Once your device is dispatched, we'll email you the tracking information, so you can monitor the delivery progress.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the return of any additional items you may have sent in with your order, such as chargers, SIM, memory cards, headphones, extra controllers, the original box, instruction manuals, screen protectors, cases, etc.

If you've accidentally accepted our revised offer, we won't be able to reverse this decision. Payment will be processed for the revised price to your chosen payment method, and the device will not be returned.

It's important to carefully review and consider any revised offers before accepting them to ensure they align with your expectations.

Including your device's original box and accessories is appreciated, but we're unable to offer any additional value for them. However, we are more than happy to accept them along with your device. While they won't increase your overall payout, they can still be beneficial for others who purchase the device in the future.

Your offer is valid for 14 days from the date it was generated.

To ensure that your offer remains locked in, you must ship your device within this 14-day period. As long as your tracking information confirms that your package was shipped within this time frame, your original quote will be maintained. In essence, the time your package spends in transit will not impact the price lock as long as it was shipped within the initial 14-day period.