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Need Apple Watch Screen Repair?

Need Apple Watch Screen Repair?




Apple watch or the smartwatch from Apple has been one of the most favorable smartwatches in the world. The front screen of an Apple watch is the main part of it. Thus, nothing can curb your great going day than your gadgets getting damaged. The most common gadget damage is the breaking of the front screen. Due to falling or shock, your Apple watch can be damaged. If not damage fully, even a small scratch or crack on the front screen can be highly painful. #AppleWatchScreenRepair

How to Repair a Broken or Scratched Apple Watch, or Get a Replacement -  Macworld UK           applewatch watchissues


Therefore, if the front screen of your Apple Watch has been damaged or broken, you are most welcome here. We are here to assist and help you out with your Apple Watch screen repairing. We have been doing this for 6 years now and we know every stuff about the Apple Watch screen repair. 




Our expert and professional technicians only do what is needed. They are highly skilled technicians and they replace only the damaged parts. Thus, making sure that the cost of your Apple Watch screen repair is reasonable and economical. Therefore, you can get your cracked Apple Watch screen fixed in a few easy steps.

For your Apple watch front screen repair, you need to select the model of your Apple watch. After that, a new web page will appear where you have to choose the option of ‘cracked front screen repair’ and then you need to make the payment. 

After the payment, you will be directed to everything about how your watch screen will be repaired. Either you will have to post your device to us or you can bring it to us. Just one point to keep in mind, if you bring your device to us, keep us informed when you’ll be stepping in so that we can do the repair work on the same day. 

This is how we work to help you with your Apple watch front screen repairing or any other replacement. 


The very thing that one needs to understand is front screen repairing does not mean LCD repairing or replacement. There is a difference between LCD repairing and front glass repairing. The front glass is the uppermost transparent glass that is above the LCD. The cost of an Apple watch front glass repair is much lesser than the cost of an LCD repair. You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps and get your Apple Watch screen repair done by our skilled technicians at an affordable cost. 

The front glass can also be mentioned as the front screen of the Apple watch. It is the screen that we touch to use our watch. It serves as a medium of interaction between the user and the watch. Also, in between the front glass and LCD is another screen or glass that is known as a digitizer.


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How do find out whether the front glass is to be repaired or the LCD needs to be replaced?


This is the question or we can say the confusion that comes to the user’s mind first when any damage is caused to the watch. So, here we will be telling you how to check the exact damage that happened to your watch. In the first case, if your watch is damaged and only the front screen is broken but the touch is perfectly fine, then only the front glass and the digitizer need to be repaired. In the second case, if along with the front glass breakage some black lines or spots appear, then the LCD replacement is required. 

The front glass repairing price differs from model to model the watch. For Apple Series 1, 2, and 3 the price is £69.99, for series 4 the cost is £79.99, for series 5, SE, and 6 the cost is £89.99, and for S7 the cost is £129.99




A few basic steps that we follow for the screen replacement are as follows –

Step 1 – Firstly, we carefully slacken or loosen the damaged screen of the watch from the main screen and the main body of the Apple watch.


Step 2 – The second step is to detach and disconnect the damaged screen from the watch’s main screen and main body.



Step 3 – The third step is to fully remove the damaged part from the main screen. And, now the watch is ready for screen replacement.




Step 4 – The fourth step is to fasten or attach the screen replacement and connect it to the watch screen.



Step 5 – Lastly, the front replaced screen is fully glued with the main screen and its functionality is checked.


For best results, detach the watch band and wrap a couple rubber bands around the Apple Watch's case to help the adhesive bond correctly.




Everyone’s concern when getting the Apple Watch screen replacement or repairing is the cost of the services and repair. This is why our experts work in a manner that we can provide you with the best services at a very reasonable amount of money. Our main motive is to provide our customers with the best. The products that we use are of great quality. Also, to make the price as affordable as possible, our technicians only work on damaged areas that need repairing. We don’t unnecessarily repair or replace other parts of your watch.


About Us:


Fixmybrokenscreen.co.uk has been repairing Apple products for over six years, which means we know our stuff. When it comes to fixing your watch we only use the highest quality parts available. This means they’re less likely to need replacing again in the future. We are pleased to offer Apple Watch repair/iWatch repair as one of our main, trusted, and affordable services.


Many people worry that an Apple Watch screen replacement may cost an absolute fortune. Replacing an entire screen assembly, in some cases, can cost almost as much as a brand new watch, but there is another, much more affordable, option. It may be possible for an experienced, skilled, repair technician to replace only the damaged parts of the screen whilst retaining parts that are still functional.


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