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Watch Repair

Step 1: You buy the service

  • Select the model and the right repair service from our website.
  • If you are not sure about buying the right service, please send a picture of your watch when it’s switched on, so we can confirm if we can repair it for you.
  • You can checkout with Paypal, however you do not need to have a Paypal account for this.
  • You will receive the instructions about where to send your item by post when you complete the order.
Watch Repair

Step 2: You post and send the device to us

  • Please Write down these details on a note and leave it inside the package
    • - The order number
    • - Your contact number
    • - Return address
    • - Your device passcode
  • Please note, we won't be able to test the device without the passcode before or after the repair.
  • Please make sure to use a signed-for service. We suggest RM signed for.
Watch Repair

Step 3: We receive your device

  • Once we have received your watch, we will examine it for its faults and ensure that it matches the description you have provided.
  • Once booked into our system, we will notify you of its safe arrival.
Watch Repair
Watch Repair

Step 4: We fix it

  • We will fix your device within 1-3 day.
    • - If there are any issues or delays with the repair we will email / call you immediately.
Watch Repair
Watch Repair

Step 5: We return

  • Once the repair completed, we will return your device via using a 24 hour courier. (signature required for delivery)
  • When this happens, you will receive a text and email notification with the tracking details of your shipment.
  • If you do not receive the email with the tracking details on the fourth day, please give us a call.
Watch Repair


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Screen Refurbishing
Service Explained

Many people worry that an Watch screen replacement may cost an absolute fortune. Replacing an entire screen assembly, in some cases, can cost almost as much as a brand new watch, but there is another, much more affordable, option.

It may be possible for an experienced, skilled, repair technician to replace only the damaged parts of the screen whilst retaining parts that are still functional. This can save a considerable amount of cash!

Below we will take a look at the different screen components and their jobs, so we can diagnose the part(s) that needs to be replaced:

The main components of an
Watch screen assembly

The Watch screen assembly is made up of 3 main layers, bonded together with special adhesives, think of it like a high-tech sandwich:

Watch Repair

The front glass, front screen or touch screen is the top layer and the part you touch when interacting with the watch.

Watch Repair

The digitizer is the next layer and is replaced with the front glass, this is typically made from a thin, transparent plastic. This part is responsible for the touch function. The digitizer is connected to the next layer via a flex cable.

Watch Repair

The LCD (liquid crystal display) is like an ultra-thin, tiny computer monitor and is responsible for displaying images, video etc. It is the most expensive component of the screen assembly and very fragile when not bonded to the digitizer and glass.

What part(s) needs to be replaced?

This will depend on how the damaged Apple Watch is behaving:


The front glass is cracked but the display is still displaying / working correctly. In this case, LCD is still functional and so it will only need the front glass and digitizer replacing.




The front glass is cracked and dark blobs/lines appear on the display. Unfortunately, this would indicate that the LCD is damaged and a full screen assembly would be required to repair the device properly.


How can one part be replaced when the whole screen assembly is bonded together with adhesive?

It is a difficult task to successfully perform an Apple Watch screen repair. As the fragile components are bonded together, it is a job requiring lots of patience, skill and specialist equipment. It should only be attempted by experienced repair technicians.

To give some idea of what is involved in this type of repair, the below step by step example details the replacement of the front glass whilst retaining the original LCD on an Apple Watch:


Stage 1 – Loosen the damaged screen from the main body of the watch

This is a very time consuming step - much care and the use of precision tools are required to ensure no internal damage occurs.


Stage 2 – Disconnect the screen from the watch

Now the screen is free from the watch pebble, an even more delicate touch is needed. The internal components are very fragile!


Stage 3 – Remove the damaged glass from the rest of the screen

Specialist, state of the art equipment is needed for this step. When used by an experienced technician, the broken glass can be removed without damaging the LCD.


Stage 4 – Fix the replacement glass to the screen

The replacement front glass and digitizer is laminated to the original LCD using OCA glue and laminator machines. This process ensures the screen assembly looks as good as new!


Stage 5 – Glue the screen assembly to the watch main body

The watch is then reassembled and closed using a special water-resistant adhesive. It then is fully tested for functionality.

As you can see from the above example, an Apple Watch screen repair is a long, delicate process, but when done correctly by a skilled professional, it can save a lot of money.

So, go get that annoying crack on your watch repaired, and next time be more careful!

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