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Cracked Front Glass Repair (LCD must work)

The cracked front glass will be removed from on top of the LCD and new glass will then be laminated, this will mean that your original LCD will remain original and genuine only the glass is replaced.

  • Although we do use a water-tight glue sealant we cannot guarantee the device will be waterproof after the repair.
  • Please find more information in FAQ (section: service description) 
  • The watch will assume the same functionality as before the repair.
  • The LCD (Display) must be working (The touch function does not need to work) 
  • There must not be any black spots, discolouration or lines on the LCD

New LCD Screen Replacement

The faulty screen assembly will be replaced with a new LCD screen assembly, this is quite a straightforward process. There are no aftermarket LCDs for apple watches, so we will need to use an original LCD screen.

  • The watch will be fitted with a brand new LCD and Screen
  • Black Spots, Discolouration or Lines are indicators of a broken LCD (See FAQ for more information).

New Battery Replacement

The battery within your apple watch will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much better functionality then the previous battery.

  • The new battery will hold charge and function the same as the old battery when fully working.
  • Signs of a badly functioning battery are :
  • Jumping percentages (eg. 100% to 80%)
    Random Cuts Of Power
  • ONLY the battery will be replaced with this repair, it will not include a screen repair.


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