Our Warranty

We offer a limited 90-day warranty on screen refurbishment services, and a 12-month warranty for any manufacturer defects in our parts and services

Device Type Screen Repair All other repairs
Glass-only refurbishment New screen replacement

90 Days

12 Months

Apple Watch
Samsung Phone
Galaxy Watch
  • Our service warranty policy applies solely to the parts and services we have provided.
  • The warranty becomes valid from the repair date and remains in effect within the period.
  • Our warranty covers only the malfunction of parts we have supplied, provided that they are not damaged physically (e.g. cracked or broken) or affected by water damage.
  • Our warranty covers only faults that are directly related to the original repair work we performed. For instance, if we replaced the charging port, we would not cover a faulty power button under our guarantee.
  • Our warranty does not cover any issues related to phone features or functions that we could not confirm as fully operational before the repair. For example, devices that are uncharged or have inaccessible passcodes.


Every part and repair services we provide includes a 12 months warranty, except for the glass repair service we provide which has a 90-Day Warranty. This warranty covers only the part(s) that were replaced. It does not cover any subsequent damage to the watches and iPads or components that were not replaced.

12 months warranty on labor and parts used for the original service (90 Days Warranty for Glass Repairs). For example, if we fixed a camera fault on your device and later appears to be defective, we will gladly replace it at no cost.

  • Faults unrelated to the original repair
  • Faults caused by mishandling, impact damage, liquid damage, software related defects, or any other unrelated issues.
  • Loss of data - please back up your device prior to sending your device to us
  • Devices that are repaired or modified by anyone other than us prior to or after our service

We do use water-tight glue when fixing your watch screen, however we cannot guarantee water resistance of the watch after the repair. (we suggest not to use in water after the repair)

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