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Cracked Front Glass Repair - (LCD must work)

The cracked front glass will be removed from on top of the LCD and new glass will then be laminated, this will mean that your original LCD will remain original and genuine only the glass is replaced.

Screen & LCD replacement

The faulty screen assembly will be replaced with a new LCD screen assembly, this is quite a straightforward process.

  • The mobile iPad will be fitted with a brand new LCD and Screen
  • Black Spots, Discoloration or Lines are indicators of a broken LCD 

Battery Replacement.

The battery within your iPad will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much better functionality than the previous battery.

  • The new battery will hold charge and function the same as the old battery when fully working.
  • Signs of a badly functioning battery are :
  • Jumping percentages (eg. 100% to 80%)
    Random Cuts Of Power
  • ONLY the battery will be replaced with this repair, it will not include a screen repair.

iPad Air 3

iPad Air 3 Repairs

iPad Air 3 Repairs start at £55.


What's the model number of my iPad Air 3 ?

  • A2152 (Wi-Fi)
  • A2123, A2153 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)


Unless you have an AppleCare contract, getting your iPad serviced at an Apple shop isn't inexpensive. Depending on the model, Apple charges between £140 and £400 to repair your iPad. It's almost the same price as a new iPad (refurbished), so if you don't have AppleCare, getting your iPad fixed at an Apple shop will undoubtedly be expensive.


The good news is that Fixmybrokenscreen Repair can help you with a low-cost, high-quality repair. Our technicians are all well qualified, and we only use high-quality, genuine parts in all of our repairs.


Repair your iPad Air 5 with Fixmybroeknscreen Repair, whether you need a screen replacement or a battery replacement We utilise only the highest-quality parts.

iPad Air 3 Repairs

Fixmybrokenscreen Repair provides walk-in, priority, and mail-in services. Your iPad Pro 10.5 will be fixed and ready for collection the next day if you order priority service, and the standard turnaround time is 1 to 3 days. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Any of the following issues can be resolved with our iPad Air 3 screen replacement services:


  • iPad Air 3  Screen Replacement

  • iPad Air 3 LCD Replacement

  • iPad Air 3  Button Replacement

  • iPad Air 3  Batterry Replacement

  • iPad Air 3  Charging port repair

  • iPad Air 3  Front camera Replacement

  • iPad Air 3  Rear Camera Replacement

  • iPad Air 3  Audio Repair EP/M/LS


iPad Air 3 Screen Replacement and Other Repairs


Accidents happen, and we occasionally find ourselves in the situation of having our iPad damaged. There is no iPad problem that we can't cure, whether the screen is broken, the battery is emptying quickly, the phone isn't charging, or the iPad has been damaged by water.


We've been in the repair business for more than 6 years. Fixmybrokenscreen is a team of professionals that have been educated in Apple standards. We want you to be able to take use of all of the iPad Air 3's wonderful capabilities. As a result, we will solve any problem with your iPad in under an hour.


How much does it cost to replace the screen on an iPad Air 3 ?

iPad Air 3 Repairs

Our front glass repair cost £75 and LCD repair costs around £160, and our battery replacement costs around £55.

We've also done home button repairs, charging port repairs, speaker repairs, and SIM card reader repairs, to mention a few.


Contact us with your iPad Air 3 repair requirements, and we'll be more than delighted to help!


Can an iPad Air 3  screen be replaced?


Yes, of course! You may rest easy knowing that your iPad Air 3 will be replaced with high-quality, brand-new, and original parts.


Why Should You Trust Fixmybrokenscreen Repair?


While both smartphones have the same resolution, the Edge's screen supports additional gestures and notification systems that can be configured for either left-handed or right-handed users. This does not mean that this new cutting-edge smartphone is without problems. At fixmybrokenscreen, we have highly skilled technicians that can identify software and hardware issues and strive to resolve them on the spot.


All parts are covered by a 12-month warranty.


Labour and parts used for the original service are covered by a 12-month warranty (glass repairs are covered by a 90-day warranty).


For example, if we fixed a camera fault on your device and it later appears to be defective, we will gladly replace it at no cost.


Important Pre-Repair Information:


Although the glass repair process should not delete anything on your iPad, we recommend that you backup    your photographs, contacts, and information before bringing it in.


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