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Battery Replacement

The battery within your Samsung phone will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much better functionality than the previous battery.

  • The new battery will hold charge and function the same as the old battery when fully working.
  • Signs of a badly functioning battery are :
  • Jumping percentages (eg. 100% to 80%)
    Random Cuts Of Power
  • ONLY the battery will be replaced with this repair, it will not include a screen repair.

Rear Glass Repair

Diagnostic Service

If you're uncertain which service to select or need a quote before proceeding with a repair. This diagnostic service will provide you with a quote for repairs.

  • If you choose to proceed - the diagnostic fee will be applied towards the total cost
  • If you decide not to proceed - there's no need to worry - we'll return your device to you at no additional cost, as the initial £15 fee covers it all.

iPhone 12 Pro



iPhone 12 Pro, starting at the same price as last year’s iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s new flagship sports a completely new design with double the starting storage capacity. 


The entire lineup gains a flat stainless steel design with smaller bezels, 5G, and a magnetic “MagSafe” charging system. 


5G, Superfast speeds. Super Low latency. So you can get faster downloads, better-quality video streaming, more responsive gaming, and real-time interactivity.


The iPhone 12 Pro also gets a new, larger 6.1-inch “Super Retina XDR” OLED display, compared to the iPhone 11 Pro’s 5.8-inch display. With Ceramic Shield, which has four times better drop performance. In addition to updated Silver and Gold finishes, new “Graphite” and “Pacific Blue” color options are available.


A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone. With a 16-core Neural Engine, it crunches trillions of operations each second. And it’s superefficient for great battery life.


Models : A2407, A2341, A2406, A2408


Our Services


The iPhone 12 collection is Apple’s introduction to 5G. Powered through the next-gen network, the iPhone 12 Pro brings about faster speeds and more powerful connectivity. With other notable features like a sharp and colorful display, enhanced camera, and the brand new MagSafe charger, it’s easy to see why this device is flying off the online and in-store shelves. If you run into any issues, the FMBS Repair techs are here to help! Learn more about our iPhone 12 Pro repair services. Contact


If your handset is broken or doesn’t perform right and must be mended, you probably want to find phone specialists who are to save it! Happily, we are near you and we will be delighted to help you.



You can just pay a visit at our store in Llanelli or just use our online system to arrange in advance iPhone 12 Pro phone repair. Undoubtedly you wish to repair your handset with awareness that it will be provided with the best possible care and experienced engineers working to repair it. 


  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Screen Replacement

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Rear Glass Replacement


How Much Will It Cost? 


At Fixmybrokenscreen, iPhone 12 Pro repair services don’t have to break the bank. Our services are both fast and budget-friendly. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your iPhone, repair costs will vary. For an accurate estimate on your iPhone 13 repair services, please contact 


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Positive Review


We have over 1,000 4.7-star ratings from customers who were pleased with our great customer service. One feature that our clients appreciate about Fixmybrokenscreen Fix is that we not only repair your phone but also provide pertinent information on how to care for your smartphone. Read Customer Service Reviews of    


Is the screen cracked? Insensitive to touch? If you're having these issues, it's time to get a screen replacement for your Apple iphone 12 Pro before the situation worsens. Check above to get price details.Get in touch with us now to get started!



Security of Data and Content


Concerned about the personal data and content on your phone? Don't be concerned! Fixmybrokenscreen will never get access to your personal information or content. It will always be completely secure. This is a common misunderstanding.


Certified Technicians


We are exceptional with our skills, speed and revolutionizing methodology. Our team of experts can cure all iPhone faults with great ease. We promised to lead your beloved iPhone to salvation within a matter of minutes with our professional service and handpicked certified repair technicians.



Outstanding Workforce


Our team of repair professionals is the best in the business. There's nothing our highly experienced experts can't fix when it comes to smartphones. That is our promise.


Premium Parts


We source premium parts to ensure that your phone or tablet works like new again!


Quick turnaround time


The majority of our phone repair and screen replacement services are performed on the same day. When sending your phone in via mail, we aim to repair it on the day that we receive it. We will then send this back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery, guaranteed by 1 pm the next day.


Is there anything more I should do before turning in my phone?


Ascertain that your phone is of the correct model and that it may be repaired within the organization. Assuming you have your Apple iPhone 12 Pro, the next best thing to do is to back up your smartphone. You may also wish to factory reset your phone after you have completely backed it up.


Backing up your phone ensures that nothing vital or valuable is lost if your phone is entirely reset. We will do everything necessary to restore your data, but backing up your phone is a good idea if at all feasible.



Identify Your Device


Use Model Number


In Google Search, type in the model number of your device.


How to locate your Model Number is as follows:


  • The model will be printed on the rear, on the SIM tray, beneath the SIM tray, on the label tray, or underneath the battery.


  • Go to Settings > General > About. To the right of the Model, you'll find the part number. To find the model number, tap the part number.


A1822 is an example of an Apple model number that begins with "A."

SM-G950F is an example of a Samsung model number that begins with "SM."

Huawei model numbers are between 6 and 8 characters long, for example, EVA-L09



Use IMEI Number


This approach is only applicable to devices that support SIM cards.


Here you must enter the 15-digit IMEI number of your smartphone.


How to locate your IMEI Number is as follows:


  • It will be printed either on the back, on the SIM tray, on the label tray beneath the SIM tray, or underneath the battery.


  • You may call " *#06# " from the phone app, or go to settings and search for " About ".


Look at the device's box or any documents that came with it.


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